Generals and Gentlemen - The Faces of War

Ultimately it was these individuals that drove the machine of war for both sides of the conflict.

As with any war before it or since, the bloody American Civil War relied on a cast of hundreds of prominent and not-so-prominent people. While there proved the legendary names such as Lincoln, Grant and Lee, there were more persons operating in various theaters of the long-running conflict between the states. By the end, over 600,000 souls would be committed to the afterlife. Those that remained, were forced to live through the turbulent times of Reconstruction as the rebellious South was integrated back into the fold of what was - once again - the United States of America.

Entries are listed below in alphabetical order by last name. Union personalities are shown with Blue name tags while Confederate personalities are displayed in Gray.
Picture of Robert Anderson
  R. Anderson  
Picture of James Andrews
  J. Andrews  
Picture of John Baylor
  J. Baylor  
Picture of PGT Beauregard
  P. Beauregard  
Picture of Judah Benjamin
  J. Benjamin  
Picture of John Wilkes Booth
  J. Booth  
Picture of Belle Lloyd
  B. Boyd  
Picture of Braxton Bragg
  B. Bragg  
Picture of James Buchanan
  J. Buchanan  
Picture of Ambrose Burnside
  A. Burnside  
Picture of Benjamin Butler
  B. Butler  
Picture of Simon Cameron
  S. Cameron  
Picture of George Armstrong Custer
  G. Custer  
Picture of Jefferson Davis
  J. Davis  
Picture of John Dix
  J. Dix  
Picture of Jubal Early
  J. Early  
Picture of David Farragut
  D. Farragut  
Picture of Flag Officer Andrew Foote
  A. Foote  
Picture of John Fremont
  J. Fremont  
Picture of Ulysses S. Grant
  U. Grant  
Picture of Rose Greenhow
  R. Greenhow  
Picture of Wade Hampton
  W. Hampton  
Picture of James Hickok
  J. Hickok  
Picture of Daniel H. Hill
  D.H. Hill  
Picture of John Hood
  J. Hood  
Picture of Joseph Hooker
  J. Hooker  
Picture of Thomas Stonewall Jackson
  T. Jackson  
Picture of Andrew Johnson
  A. Johnson  
Picture of Joseph Johnston
  J. Johnston  
Picture of Philip Kearny
  P. Kearny  
Picture of George Lee
  G. Lee  
Picture of Robert E. Lee
  R. Lee  
Picture of Abraham Lincoln
  A. Lincoln  
Picture of Nathaniel Lyon
  N. Lyon  
Picture of John Magruder
  J. Magruder  
Picture of Stephen Mallory
  S. Mallory  
Picture of George McClellan
  G. McClellan  
Picture of John McClernand
  J. McClernand  
Picture of George Meade
  G. Meade  
Picture of William Quantrill
  W. Quantrill  
Picture of Jesse Reno
  J.L. Reno  
Picture of William Rosecrans
  W. Rosecrans  
Picture of John Schofield
  J. Schofield  
Picture of William Seward
  W. Seward  
Picture of Philip Sheridan
  P. Sheridan  
Picture of William T. Sherman
  W. Sherman  
Picture of Robert Smalls
  R. Smalls  
Picture of General Charles Ferguson Smith
  C. Smith  
Picture of alexander H. Stephens
  A. H. Stephens  
Picture of Isaac Stevens
  I. Stevens  
Picture of JEB Stuart
  J.E.B. Stuart  
Picture of Ginnie Wade
  G. Wade  
Picture of Leroy Walker
  L. Walker  
Picture of Mary Walker
  M. Walker  
Picture of Fernando Wood
  F. Wood  
  Civil War by Battle / Engagement  

Battle of Fort Sumter (1861)
1st Bull Run / 1st Manassas (1861)
Battle of Wilson's Creek (1861)
Battle of Belmont (1861)
Henry-Donelson Campaign (1862)
Battle of Hampton Roads (1862)
Battle of Pea Ridge (1862)
Shenandoah Valley (1862)
Mississippi River Campaign (1862-1863)
Peninsular Campaign (1862)
Shiloh (1862)
Seven Days Battles (1862)
Chattanooga Campaign (1862)
2nd Bull Run / 2nd Manassas (1862)
Battle of Chantilly / Ox Hill (1862)
Battle of Harpers Ferry (1862)
Antietam / Sharpsburg (1862)
Battle of Fredricksburg (1862)
Battle of Murfreesboro (1862-1863)
Battle of Chancellorsville (1863)
Battle of Gettysburg (1863)
Vicksburg (1863)
Battle of Chickamauga (1863)
Atlanta (1864)
Battle of Spotsylvania (1864)
Overland Campaign (1864)
Battle of Petersburg (1864-1865)
Shenandoah Valley (1864)
Battle of Franklin (1864)
Battle of Nashville (1864)
Appomattox Courthouse (1865)

  Civil War Events by State  

Arizona (Territory)
New Jersey
New Mexico (Territory)
New York
North Carolina
Oklahoma (Territory)
South Carolina
West Virginia
Washington, D.C.

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