Battle of Franklin Timeline (November 30th, 1864)

The Battle of Franklin preceded the major attack in Nashville but both ended as Union victories which proved crucial for control of Middle Tennessee.

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Union flag
COMMAND: John M. Schofield
FORCES: Army of the Ohio
STRENGTH: 27,000
Confederate flag
COMMAND: John Bell Hood
FORCES: Army of Tennessee
STRENGTH: 27,000
November 30, 1864

The Battle of Franklin takes place on this date. 27,000 Union troops face-off against 27,000 Confederates. The battle is recorded as a Union victory for General Schofield over General Hood. Losses include 2,326 for the victors and 6,252 for the Confederates. An ill-advised charge by Hood costs the Confederate army dearly as losses total 25% of his fighting force.

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