Civil War Bullet Types - Pistol and Rifle

Such a far-reaching war required a large collection of firearms which, in turn, relied on a vast collection of ammunition types.

The American Civil War of 1861-1865 relied on many different kinds of firearms during the years-long progression of the conflict. Both sides fielded what ever guns could be obtained, either enmass or in limited quantities. Some were private purchases and others arrived by way of government contracts. As such, this led to a plethora of bullet types being used to satisfy particular gun requirements. Many bullets can be found on protected Civil War battlefields today and those showcased below are just a sampling of the popular bullet types seen in the clash between the 'Blue and the Gray'. The bullets presented are showcased by caliber size smallest to largest.

Picture of the Colt Navy pistol bullet
.36 caliber
(Colt Navy Pistol)

Picture of the Colt Army pistol bullet
.44 caliber
(Colt Army Pistol)

Picture of the Sharps Ringtail carbine bullet
.52 caliber
(Sharps Ringtail)

Picture of the Burnside Carbine bullet
.54 caliber
(Burnside Carbine)

Picture of the Enfield Rifle bullet
.577 caliber
(Enfield Bullet)

Picture of the Confederate Gardner rifle bullet
.58 caliber
(Confederate Gardner)

Picture of the French Minie rifle bullet
.58 caliber
(US Minie Bullet)

Picture of the Williams Type II rifle bullet
.58 caliber
(Williams Bullet Type II)

Picture of the Musket Ball bullet
.69 caliber
(Musket Ball)